Monday, May 31, 2010

Burger Delights: Bun on the Run’s Choriburger and Burgercraft’s Steakburger

I’m not a very big fan of hamburgers but there are some I don’t mind going back to given the chance. I mentioned loving the hamburgers of Little Quiapo, Burger King and Tropical Hut in my past blogs and I’d like to add two other burgers that also caught my palate. First, the Choriburger of Bun on the Run, a hamburger that is quite different from others. It does not contain the usual hamburger add-ons like lettuce and tomatoes only the creamy coleslaw that complements their quite tasty hamburger patty that taste very similar to a garlic sausage.

And I also love their bun, soft like our pandesal, definitely a treat. However, don’t expect to order a Big Mac size for this, it’s a little on the medium-sized range and the most you can order is a two-patty burger. It’s a little pricey at P90 per burger and located in a little joint facing President’s Avenue in BF Homes Paranaque. But despite the price and lack of a more arresting ambiance, the flavor more than makes up for it and so I wish they’ll make a bigger burger so my craving and my trek to that place will be more than satisfied.

And another hamburger I also discovered is the newly-opened Burgercraft in Better Living Paranaque, facing another restaurant that I also love, Zubairih Persian and Mediterranean restaurant (please see past blogs). They call their burger, Steakburger (P125) and it is well-deserved especially in terms of its heft, true to its claim of a 1/3 lb, 100% freshly grounded imported New Zealand beef sandwiched in lettuce, tomato, red onion, and sweet pickle on a sesame seed bun.

When I first saw it, I thought that it looked like a regular burger but when I tasted it, I was surprised by its bulk. It definitely looked small on the outside and would be easy to underestimate it, then you realize that it actually weighed a 1/3lb. Surprisingly, despite its weight, this steakburger has retained its juiciness because it is grilled well. But then again the size probably would not matter to some people because when I asked my husband if he felt heavy after eating it, he said no, it was just right for him. So maybe, if you’re a full-grown man, this could be an okay size, just enough, but for others like me who is not a regular hamburger eater, it could be a little overwhelming. But overall, I still like this heavy-sized burger most especially the super-sized fries that comes with it and next time to top off this great burger experience I'll definitely order their chocolate milkshake.


  1. i tried Burgercraft's burger steak and yes I agree it is juicy and the taste is just right. Try also their fish and steak.

  2. Big thumbs up for BurgerCraft!