Thursday, October 28, 2010

EL BUONO PIZZA: a pizza worth waiting for

Yes, I’ve missed writing last month’s blog entries. Things have been hectic at home I was too tired to write. I’m sorry. Just the “inconveniences” of being a mother with no nanny. So here I am attempting to write while my four-year old son is clambering on my back and pulling at my hair, why he does this when he sees me typing is beyond me. So I’m mustering all my concentration to keep writing. And like a typical toddler with a short attention span, he has finally found Kanga and Roo to play with, thank goodness.

Last weekend, the family was driving around BF Paranaque looking for furniture makers and remembered an acquaintance talking about a new pizza place in the area, claiming that this joint can make the biggest pizza. So we drove along El Grande Avenue and almost passed over El Bueno with its unmistakable red and white circle designs on its façade. I had to wait in the car with my son and listen to the grating tunes of Sesame Street, (if you’ve heard it a million times, it can drive you insane.

The order took a little while since the place just opened and was preparing for a party. But I’m glad I endured the Sesame street tunes and didn’t badger my husband to hurry up. The pizza was more than I expected. My husband ordered the 12 inch Pizza, the El Buono special. Lifting the flap and peering inside, I know this was different from all the other pizzas I had. My husband and I have this “Friday pizza night” thing going on, something we look forward to at the week’s end so I’m not exactly a newbie in pizza flavors, toppings and crust sizes.

And after the first bite, I was right. It was far from the other pizzas I’ve had in the past. For one, its sauce is deliciously enhanced, not the typical Filipino tomato-based pizzas I’m accustomed to, one that is sometimes leaning on the little sour or super sweet side. It tasted like tomato sauce simmered in a select combination of sweet spices. But I’m not a chef so I’m not sure. I just know that the dry basil embedded in the toppings added more flavor in the sauce.

I also loved the pizza toppings especially the fair amount of white onions which my husband hated, oh well. But what’s not to love, you have sweet corn kernels, mushrooms, green bell peppers, pineapple tidbits, sweet ham and of course, olives, all escased in melted cheese with a sweet herb sauce as base. Corn kernels as toppings is not a staple in other pizza chains, more so combining it with olives, so having these in your pizza is really a treat. Together like a great symphony, they played beautifully in my palate, definitely, a pizza that is worth the wait.

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