Friday, January 20, 2012

Pizza Hut P99 meal, a real deal

P99 for one appetizer, main course  and one drink. Not bad. And it’s from Pizza Hut. Seriously? Yep. Passing by its poster in one mall,  I was initially hesitant to enter during the lunch hour because some restaurants have similar deals but from 2-5 pm only. But yes, it’s true. And mind you, you don’t get the itsy bitsy plates, you get the real deal. Your choice of soup or salad as appetizer, personal pizza, pasta, and even rice dishes for your main course plus choice of drinks.

I wish I was paid for this blog post given my gushing delight but I wasn’t haha... But a box of Supreme pizza would do J..Kidding aside, I just want to share this discovery though I’m not sure if this P99 meal is applicable in all Pizza Hut branches. I'm just glad that the P99 meal was not a ruse for you to enter the place because it seems too good to be true.  But I really paid P99 only, no service charge or any more taxes, Yey! Except for my tip.

I have been to Pizza Hut thrice already this January, the first time I ordered spaghetti and salad with iced tea. The second time, mushroom soup topped with croutons, pork chop with rice and Pepsi. Third time, it was salad and pork chop and Pepsi again.  But you can choose any combination. For the appetizer, you can choose between, garlic bread, mushroom and chicken soup or salad while for the main dish you can choose between different variants of personal pizza, some pasta and some rice meals. For drinks, either Lipton iced tea or Pepsi.

The soup was rich tasting wonderfully complementing the softened croutons in my bowl. It wasn't thin but full-flavored, didn't expect it in a P99 meal. Meanwhile, the portion of the salad was just right, not too large or neither it is too puny. Meanwhile, their pork chop with rice was filling and the meat was tender even if the breading was a little unappealing, light-colored, not golden brown, But that was okay for me as long as the meat was tasty and well-cooked. However, I was not particularly happy with their rice, I wish they had warmed it a little. 

Meanwhile, the iced tea was kinda odd tasting to me, a little strong perhaps or just not my type, I think. So I ordered Pepsi the next time and that was fine. The soda bonded well with the pork chop. There’s something about the combination of eating meat and fizzy drinks that is quite appealing. I can’t eat imagine eating burger with water, hmm..

Overall, it was a good deal for me. I don’t mind going back to Pizza Hut because I haven’t sampled their chicken soup, carbonara and chicken salpicao yet. But I hope this value meal lasts long because it’s a great way to bring folks over and try their food.  So who said that you can only eat pizza at Pizza Hut? Definitely, not me.