Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rosalie's suman and other sweet treats

Rosalie’s in Marilao, Bulacan is the home of my favorite suman and the home of other sweet Filipino delicacies. But I’ll tell you more of my favorite suman later.

I found out about this place when my Mom visited the Divine Mercy shrine in Marilao, Bulacan. She wanted to go to Rosalie’s after because she was craving for this suman. Suman?! I thought, all this trouble asking tricycle drivers for directions for suman?! Okay, so we got lost.

Situated in small road, it was hard to find it coming from Bocaue. We then opted for the expressway and exited at Marilao.  And I don’t blame her for this quest, there’s a lot of stuff in here. Filipino desserts and products like minatamis na kundol, nata de coco and macapuno. They also sell kutchinta and an assortment of colorful puto (rice cakes).

Then I saw a bottle of carabao’s milk. Wow, it looked so authentic, like something a farmer would have at home or his wife would bring him on her way to the fields. I was quite taken with the packaging that I bought it without hesitation. Unfortunately, my husband forgot in the car after we got home and it got rancid before we were able to taste it. Maybe next time J

They also have one of my favorite desserts here. Leche flan with dayap. So different with the ones I have in Batangas, my father’s hometown. The latter is more creamy and indulgent. This one had a sprig of dayap juice giving it a delicious contrast.

Unlike other suman with dullish white color,  Rosalie’s suman is greenish. It is also tubular and topped with crushed pinipig and coalesced with buko. Though, it doesn’t look quite appetizing from the picture it has a sweet, fresh flavor. 

You don’t need to dip it in sugar like the other suman. Because honestly most of the others are, well...kinda bland without a dash of saccharine. With Rosalie’s, no add-ons needed, it's enough on its own, just the way I like my food J

I haven’t been to Bulacan in a while but if I do, I will troop to Rosalie’s again. Being there feels like being a kid in a candystore. I can’t wait to gawk at the spread of sweets showcased there and discover new finds too. And I’m going there not only to try out their other suman flavors like suman with ube, or take a small jar of macapuno but to take home a bottle of carabao’s milk and drink it on my way home J


  1. were in marilao can we find rosali's suman?if our wayis from monumento along mc artur highway?

  2. Here's the contact information:
    Rosalie's Suman, Pinipig with Buko
    Sta. Rosa II, Marilao, Bulacan
    (0922) 8868581
    (0929) 5168323
    (0922) 8868582
    (044) 644-6488

    1. good afternoon :) can I ask your permission if Rosalie's Suman can be our tilte in conducting studies for the completion of our thesis 1 subject ? thank you.

  3. do they sell any of these, esp the suman in manila?

  4. We now sell Rosalie's Suman! Check out Sweets Central Delicacies in Puregold JR Pioneer Street in Pasig. But we only sell suman, bibingka and kakanin on weekends.

    We do have Baguio's Good Shepherd products available everyday. Also Shamrock items from Cebu.

    Visit our FB page for product listings, just search 'Sweets Central Delicacies'

  5. can we order online ?

  6. When I am there I eat them all the time. Whenever my cousins visit me in California I ask for 10 boxes. I freeze them and I eat 3 everyday for breakfast. They are the best.

  7. morning... my website or email add po ba kayo sa Rosalie's? my tanong lang po sana ako na gusto iparating directly sa ROSALIE's