Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bizu Greenbelt: More than having a slice of cake

I am a sucker for ambiance. Sometimes, I go to a restaurant not because I know something about its food but its décor and theme beckons me.

And one such place is Bizu. I just passed it one time after watching Cinemalaya in Greenbelt and I knew I wanted to dine there. But I knew I couldn't coerce my husband to dine in a restaurant with soft, fuchsia couches and dainty lavander walls but me, I loved it. Okay, I’m not the girly girl type of woman but with just a glimpse, I knew I wanted to have coffee with some of my friends here one day. 

Marble topped tables, plush couches, hanging silver lights and a fancy selection of delectable desserts and opulent dishes, wow. Who can resist that? Maybe that’s why it’s almost always packed especially during lunch time.

So one day I had lunch there with a high school friend I haven’t seen in a long time. I was a little intimidated entering at first. There were foreigners occupying the tables and the locals looked like they were right at home already. Anyway, I ordered the prawn cakes as an appetizer while I was waiting and after the first bite I wondered why it was called that way, prawn cakes when I hardly tasted any hint of prawn. Maybe it was minced so fine or the breading was a little thick, it passed right me. But I liked the side salad that came with it. It was drizzled with a light and sweet vinaigrette that was refreshing.

Then I ordered the 10-Hour Roast Beef. It was so tender it was quite easy to slice through it with only a fork. I also liked its potato gratin side dish, something different but filling and tasty.

The following weekend I went here again with my sister. Why? Because I wasn’t able to order cake the last time.J The Bizu experience wouldn’t be complete without cake. So we ordered coffee and some cheesecake. I had the Mango Chiboust. But boy, this was not your ordinary cheesecake. It was topped with thick mango strands curled like petals that was sweet and juicy like it was picked in summer. The cheesecake was also compact and not dewy which I really liked.

Okay, the ambiance in Bizu would be a big factor in bringing me back there. But I wouldn’t mind because I would like try some of their other dishes too like the Osso Buco or the Pork Trotter Cassoulet. 

But what thrilled me the most was their catering menu. They had a list canapés or mini desserts you can choose from for your events or parties. Looking at it, I thought, wouldn't it be so cool to have those little trays of croquettes, mini sandwiches or mini chibousts over coffee or tea with friends? Maybe I could have that on my birthday next year. I’m sure my friends and I would have a kick out of it and that would be fun. Because you see, I’m not the girly girl type of woman haha..whatever J

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