Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Luscious Baked Mac in a café beside Big C Supermarket

There are other restaurants I could write about, popular ones I already have pictures of, those that can elicit higher hits on Google, but sadly I can’t write about food I’m not impressed with. And because writing is hard enough as it is, pushing myself to string words, sentences for those types of restaurant in a blog post would be a form of deception to my internal foodie. So let me write about the not so popular food establishments whose food I quite enjoy and patronize or would keep going back to, so what if I don’t have a higher ranking.

Like this small “coffeeshop” which has no name, taken over by the management of a building because the previous coffeeshop tenant did not continue on. It is on the left side of the building of Big C Supermarket located in Russia St. in Better Living. Paranaque. Its view is not that great with a line of tricycles in your line of sight and meandering patrons eyeing you back but still some of their food is worth going back to.

I go here often while my son has ABA therapy in the afternoon. Sometimes, I order café mocha while reading a book to help pass the time. But most of the time, I order their Baked Mac with their Blue Fantasy drink.  

I really like their Baked Mac (P60). It is moist, not too sweet but has enough tomato-based sauce to complement its rich Beschamel sauce on top. The minced meat is quite refined too and blends compliantly with the tomato paste, no grainy parts. It is one of the more creamy and tasty Baked Mac I ever had, better than the ones I have tasted in fastfood chains and some restaurants.

More than that, you can get your Baked Mac warm and luscious, fresh from the microwave. Yes, they will re-heat it before serving it to you. You won’t get a slab of cold macaroni sitting on a plate.

Most of all, I like having their Baked Mac with their Blue Fantasy (P70) drink sometimes called their Barney Drink due to its purple color. Its composition being two kinds of colorful syrup with parts soda, lemon and lots of ice.  Simple but refreshing, a nice foil to the creamy Baked Mac. Its purple color is quite a gem because who drinks purple that is not grape juice nowadays? That’s part of its appeal to me.

It’s just sad though that I can’t order a slice of their Brazo de Mercedes for dessert which is available only in a half roll or a full roll. Their version is not too sweet, the yolk especially and is quite subtle too with the white parts being soft and fluffy. One slice won’t be enough. So there, one of my merienda pleasures in the afternoon in a café with no name beside a supermarket called Big C.


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