Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cake Planet & Cafe: For Specialty Cakes & Designer looking coffees

I’m not a cake lover, a dessert lover nor am I a coffee lover. So what am I doing featuring cakes and coffee in this blog post. I must really like these then.

And I do. The cakes featured in this post are some of the cakes of The Cake Planet, a coffeeshop inside Better Living Subdivision in Bicutan, one of my jaunts when I want to read a book and have some coffee and cake. It lacks the chatter of other coffeeshops which I like and sometimes has a nice selection of acoustic or bossa nova music.

I have tried their cakes like the Mango Empress and the Chocolate Macadamia Nut which was supposedly a favorite of another site but those didn't really made an impression on me.

But these two cakes did and combined with their decorative coffee froth in my Café Mocha, it was not only a gustatory treat but a visual treat as well. Because for me, food should beckon to you, tempt you before you give in and savor it with gusto.

And their chocolate yema cake did beckon to me. With swirls of caramel on top of the luscious chocolate cake, it was hard to resist it. I’m not a fan of chocolate cake but combine it with caramel, that’s a different story.

The swirls of caramel added a extra flavor to the moist chocolate cake, giving it not only a flair of whimsy to its look but a rich and luxuriant flavor to it.

Aside from their luscious cakes, the playful and artistic swirls on their Café Mocha is also something unique, at least for me who is not a coffee lover. I don't always encounter this kind of embellishment on my scant coffeeshop visits. And my favorite coffee-froth design so far, is their flowery swirls, so frilly and feminine.

Then there’s their mini carrot cake. Not as eye-catching as their chocolate yema cake but it is one of the best carrot cake I had in a while. Its simple design belies a hefty cake inside embedded with crunchy nuts and smooth carrot bits. Topped with light cream cheese icing and white chocolate chips, it complements the cake’s mild carrot flavor.

There are a lot of cakes I haven't tried in Cake Planet and sometimes it's hard to keep up because they often vary their selection. But these two are my favorites. And I am told that you can also order a whole cake if you want to share these cakes at home. Maybe next time, I will or maybe next time I’ll try a different cake and wait for the next creative design on my coffee J

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