Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chooks to Go,a sweet roasted chicken alternative

My son doesn’t eat the white meat portion of a fried chicken or roasted chicken, only its outer, more flavorful parts. For the longest time that was the case until he tried Chooks to Go roasted chicken. I have seen Chooks to Go stalls for a while now but haven’t tried it myself.

Then one time while my son was in his ABA therapy session and I was wandering around Puregold and chanced upon the stall of Chooks to Go with its roasted chicken and liempo. I decided to order a roasted chicken to see if my son would like it and when its enticing aroma wafted inside the car and my son couldn't resist smelling it, I knew he would like it.

At first, my son only ate the roasted outer parts of the chicken then the next time I saw him he was already eating the white portion as well. I was glad. I surmised that maybe when all the outer parts were gone he accidentally bit on the white parts of the chicken meat and liked it. Now, he can almost eat the whole roasted chicken by himself, of course I only let him eat portions at a time during the entire day.

Honestly, I’m not into fried chicken or roasted chicken much. But I like Chooks to Go roasted chicken not because my son has adores it.  But I like the way its subtle sweet flavor permeates into its inner white meat. It is also tender and succulent and you can’t seem to content yourself with just one piece. I like eating it without rice sometimes sneaking my way to have another piece because my son has hoarded it for himself.

Often children go for the fried chicken’s crunchy breaded outer part because it is often the tastiest part of the fried or roasted chicken while the inner white portions seldom have any flavor. But this seems to be not the case for Chooks to Go. They have infused their mild sweet blend into their roasted chicken’s white meat, letting you enjoy the whole roasted chicken. And because of this, Chooks to Go has become one of my choices to bring on a potluck party or something I can buy as a treat for my son.

To end, I wrote this post because I’m happy that my son has increased his eating repertoire. It may not be a big deal for others but for me who has a son who has autism, it really is.  Many children with autism have a certain fixation with a particular type of food. Some only eat sinigang or arroz caldo or only meat products like hotdog. I’m just glad that he overcame that. You see before he didn’t eat rice just crackers and bread but now he does and now he is also eating chicken, all portions of a chicken. So thank you, Chooks to Go, thanks for coming up with a juicy way of roasting and blending your chicken, my son quite likes it J

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