Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A gastronomical and visual feast at ESKIMO BOB by Icebergs (back of Mall of Asia

Have you ever wondered what it would be like eating a big bowl of ice cream while looking at the Manila Bay sunset? Me, I don’t have to wonder anymore. I have just been to Eskimo Bob (Ice Cream Diner), a modern diner with a wide ice cream selection and a generous choice of snacks and dishes.

But before sampling their ice cream selection, I ordered one of their main dishes, the chicken cordon bleu and for drinks I ordered their highly recommended mango iced tea. What’s special about this iced tea is its unique twist because it had small, sweet chunky mango bits inside their iced tea. I like this drink for its quirkiness.

They also have a different take on their chicken cordon bleu. I am used to the usual form of chicken cordon bleu where it was baked or fried rolled chicken breast with cheese and ham but here it was more like a fried packet of chicken breast sliced in half revealing the cheese and ham. It was accompanied by a cheesy sauce on the side to give it more flavor. And even with this different form, I still liked it because it was very filling. But I can’t say that this is the best chicken cordon bleu I had. Maybe a little more seasoning could have helped.

And like most of the main dishes they have, the chicken cordon bleu also came with two sidings. Your choice of sidings include mashed potato, corn and kernels, rice and pasta. I chose the mashed potato and corn and kernels. The mashed potato tasted good, it had good texture since it had some potato skins embedded on it. But the corn and carrots combo, I didn’t like it very much, it was a little undercooked for me. Personally, I like my vegetables tender. Aside from what I ordered, I also tasted the tenderloin steaks my husband had. It was tender, not chewy and the flavor is not over the top and it came with a gravy sauce. Not bad.

And though it was a very filling meal already, we had to try their ice cream combination. I could have had their halo-halo because I really liked the one I had when I last visited an Icebergs outlet, particularly Icebergs Santana Grove Sucat. I remember ordering their regular glass of halo halo and I thought that maybe it was something like the ones you get in fastfood chains, the ones filled with ice, leaving you rummaging for the yummy treats. But with this seemingly little glass, I was pleasantly surprised. The small glass revealed buko pandan strips, gulaman, corn bits, ube halaya, cornflakes, macapuno balls and other sweet ingredients beneath its icy surface. The ice didn’t overhelm their halo halo that’s for sure.

Going back to their ice cream, we courageously ordered their Mt. Everest instead of individual banana splits. This giant of an ice cream had five scoops of ice cream which comprised of two scoops of chocolate, cookies and cream and one scoop of strawberry and heaped with pineapple, brownie bits, sliced banana bits, crushed peanuts topped with whipped cream and cherry. Unfortunately, with the big meal we had, we were not able to finish this huge ice cream treat. But then again, I can say that it had been a good finish to a satisfying meal because aside from the food which I consider affordable (the main dish which included two sidings costs less than P200), the main attraction for me is the view outside. I witnessed the spectacular burst of color from the sunset, different hues of red and orange in the fiery sky, all this while dipping my spoon in a cold and delicious mountain of an ice cream.

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