Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yummy baked salmon and baked prawns in CONTI’S Pastry Shop and Restaurant (BF Paranaque and Trinoma)

This restaurant is famous for its Baked Salmon and Baked Prawns and really tasty desserts. I remember having this party once and I ordered both party platters. That night, I barely had a pinch from the two platters because guests were scooping big chunks of these on their plates and I don’t want to deprive them by taking giant scoops of these delectable dishes. And so when I had the chance to visit Conti’s (BF Paranaque) on Mother’s Day, I ordered their Baked Salmon to satisfy my deprivation. I wasn’t disappointed. As you bite into it, you can also feel it melting in your mouth. You can almost taste a combination of butter, garlic and cheese as it complements the fleshy salmon fillet. In some salmon dishes, you need the acid of lemon to balance the richness of the salmon but here, no need to add anything. You’ll love it the way it is.

And in addition to the salmon treat on my plate, there was some paella rice and vegetables. The rice was tasty but I don’t like undercooked vegetables so the side vegetables was definitely not the highlight of this meal. And for drinks, I had the bottomless iced tea which unfortunately was a little too sweet for my taste. And since Conti’s also boast of yummy desserts, I tried their New York cheesecake (I had their famous Mango Bravo before which I love so I tried to sample another dessert). Honestly, I didn’t really like this very much. I’m not sure if it was baked because it wasn’t firm enough and it was a little sour for me, maybe too much cream cheese and less sugar. But I tried my husband’s dessert which was the French Apple Pie and it tasted good. It was chunky with its apple filling and not too sweet. I can say that it was a delicious treat after a wonderful meal.

On a visit to another Conti’s branch (Trinoma), I ordered their Baked Prawns. Honestly, I’m not a prawn lover, I hate taking out the shells via utensils and especially with my hands. I love my shrimps, prawns with no shells, thank you. So that’s why I love Conti’s Baked Prawns. The prawns are cut in the middle (butterfly-cut) and baked in what I think is cheese, garlic and butter, leaving it very tender so you can scoop the meat from the shells effortlessly. Like their Baked Salmon it’s a melt in your mouth moment. It’s one of the best-tasting prawn dish I ever had and this entrée is nicely complemented with salad and Japanese flavored fried rice. Overall, Conti’s answers my craving for one of the best tasting salmon and prawn dishes without the hassle of cooking it myself. It’s a real treat for parties too; just make sure to leave some for yourself.


  1. Made me so hungry!I'm going straight to Conti's right now !