Monday, March 12, 2012

Acuatico's Arrowroot Cookies: More than your usual uraro

I’m not here to review Acuatico in Laiya, Batangas which is a photographer’s delight by the way, but to tell you about my new food find in this resort, their crunchy arrowroot cookies which was thoughtfully offered in the rooms. I think our local term for this arrowroot cookies is simply uraro.

I found this uraro sitting on a side table when I walked inside our room dripping wet and a little famished after splashing with my kid in their relaxing serenity pool. Since I forgot my bag of chips in the car, I hurriedly opened this tightly sealed plastic container, not expecting much.

Inside, there were pieces of what looked like daintily swirled meringue but taking a bite revealed something else. Definitely, it’s not meringue nor is it your ordinary uraro peddled on the bus stations, those chalk-white powdered stuff that is quite forgettable.

Acuatico’s uraro is not only crunchy but hides a gem of softly packed uraro powder filling, giving it a different uraro experience, a little odd but surprisingly tasty leaving you curious and wanting. I haven’t tasted uraro this way actually. Funny, I can’t seem to stop at just one and uraro has never been my favorite cookie.

So when we checked out, I made sure to buy some for my friends in Manila and of course, for our stash  from their gift shop. The smaller one cost about P70 and the bigger cost about P200 or P250, I think. Anyway, I got the bigger container and enjoyed munching it at home. However, I think you have to make sure it is sealed well because when I didn’t close it tightly enough, it seemed to lose a little of its crunchiness. But not even that could stop me and my husband from polishing the bottom after realizing we’ve eaten the last piece J

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