Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paulino's Cassava Cake, a delectable sweet surprise

I was supposed to write about a buffet lunch of a hotel, the one with my husband I had after Christmas with all my food shots lined up. But I was dragging my feet to write about it then I realized maybe that was not interesting enough for me. Maybe the food there was only just okay for me, with only one dish standing out  in my mind coupled only with my delight of sampling a tandoori chicken for the first time. So I decided hmm..maybe not.

And what got me excited me was this cassava cake of Paulino’s. This product from an unassuming outlet in Doña Soledad Street in Better Living, Parañaque. But it wasn't the first time I tried it. In fact, I sampled it months before when my brother-in-law brought it in Manila Memorial Park once. We had no utensils then so we tore out the carton cover, cut it into strips and used it to slice the cassava cake and ate with our hands. 

I was initially taken aback by its creative combination of sweet, savory and sharp flavors. Not really a dessert lover, I suddenly found this cassava cake irresistible. Soft and slightly greasy, it was an inspired harmony of cassava, cheese, macapuno, butter and other ingredients.

However, due to many things flitting my mind, I forgot to write about this cake. Then just this week, still figuring out if I still want to write about my lunch buffet experience that we passed a Paulino’s outlet and I excitedly ordered a box. And like a lady rediscovering an old flame, I was taken by it again and had no qualms of writing about it here.

This time, I looked at it with a little bit of scrutiny. So what makes this different? This cassava cake that eclipsed the hotel buffet article from my thoughts. Maybe it was its surprising softness. Far from any lumpy, bland, garden-variety cassava cake I have tasted before, this one was deliciously pliant, almost melting in my mouth.

Or maybe it was the fusion of its ingredients, the melding of the creaminess of the butter and the sharpness of the shredded cheddar on top of the cassava that beckoned me especially when it coalesced with the sweetness of the gelatinous macapuno at its bottom layer. Whatever it was, its texture and its flavors were indeed memorable.

And at P180 for a big box and P90 for a small one, I think it’s a good deal. These would make a good partner for any kind of celebratory pancit or part of any dessert tray at home or at a party. I’m just surprised though that they only have four branches, two in Parañaque, one in Marikina and one in QC.

Nonetheless, I’m glad we have one nearby and I’m happy I'm one of those people who have tasted this “ambrosia” And appearances aside, this is easier to write than the subject I originally wanted to. Because good food in whatever form they’re in, wherever they’re at, always makes a lasting impression. J

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  1. Paulino's special cassava cake is a WINNER.
    Got to try it 2 weeks ago and yeah... it was good.

    I found this blog looking for their contact number.