Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chef Jessie at Rockwell Club: My initiation to Foie Gras

I've always wanted to try foie gras, most especially to try French cuisine. I’d pester my husband for years to go to this Le Soufflé restaurant because I've heard they’re known for French food. But he’d always claim that he’s not comfortable with ritzy places and would rather eat in the more “regular” restos. And that was that.

Until our tenth year anniversary when he just couldn't say no. Maybe he was tired of hearing, “Please, sweetheart, I want to try some French cuisine and this foie gras I always heard about, please, besides it'll be Valentine’s day soon and my birthday J”. Finally, he relented and I quickly browsed the web for Le Soufflé. But it seems that they have changed management and renamed it to Chef Jessie, promenading its owner, the well-known local chef, Jessie Sincioco.

Anyway, we decided to go to their branch at Rockwell club. It wasn't busy yet because it was only the late afternoon. And we ordered a salad, two Chilean sea bass and some desserts.

We ordered the salad with pan fried goose liver or foie gras. Then the waiter asked me if I was I sure about my order of sea bass because it also came with foie gras like my salad. I said, it was okay, I mean why restrict yourself of a good thing, right? Remember, I said this to him before I even tasted the foie gras.

We had the salad split in two with halved foie gras on each of our plate and wow, after my first bite, whoah, the goose liver was indeed indulgent, the fat was a little overwhelming. Then I told myself, this is a French delicacy, I should be enjoying it. And of course, I did. How can one forget that spike of momentary indulgence complementing the endive of salad greens and the raspberry-honey sauce drizzled on the plate.  It was a different kind of salad definitely and my surprising initiation to goose liver. But what a nice surprise.

Meanwhile, my husband got his Baked Chilean Sea Bass in Miso and can I tell you, I wished I’d ordered that? It was soft, and its meat was steeped in a mild, sweet, almost tangy flavor. The sauce wasn't even drenched on the fish but it tasted like it was flavored within. Quite nice, I’d order that the next time.

But even though I really liked that, my Grilled Sea Bass topped with Pan Fried Goose Liver was good too. The fish was tender and the vegetable sidings were well-cooked, not too soggy especially the asparagus. The mashed potatoes was also not too creamy but still filling. However, it was the bigger chunk of goose liver on top of the fish that was a little too much for me. Maybe I had consumed my fill of foie gras already. I only ate a part of it and concentrated on the sea bass. My husband meanwhile, reminded me of the waiter’s warning. Yeah sweetheart, I know, I got too excited, now can I have a bit of your Baked sea bass? I said. Then with a sly smile, he ordered some white wine to complement the richness my foie gras.

For dessert, I had the chocolate soufflé sprinkled with powdered sugar which was good too. It had a soft crust and inside was a stream of chocolate sauce. Not too sweet, it was a satisfying finish to a good dinner meal.

Overall, my first foie gras experience was a delight. Though, it may be an acquired taste and I can’t consume too much of it, I’m glad I tried it. And I’m also glad I tried a restaurant that dutifully prepares French cuisine like Chef Jessie. Next time, I’ll try their Beef Bourguignon, France’s well-known beef stew and maybe their Duck Confit too, yes, I never learn  J

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