Monday, July 8, 2013

Liz Cakes by Liza Dee: Adding fun and sweet anticipation to any celebration

(from their Facebook page)

I met Ms. Liza in my son’s school. She brought some chocolate chip cookies and told me that she also baked cupcakes. A stay-at-home Mom who is also a homebaker. Impressive. She told me she had a Facebook page for her baked goodies.

(from their Facebook page)

So, I looked it up. Wow. I didn't expect her cakes and cupcakes to have such an artistic flair. To think, she only started baking in 2010 and started using the fondant medium only last year. She also attended only one seminar in baking and learned her other baking techniques on YouTube. Imagine if she trained professionally, watch out Cake Boss :)

(from their Facebook page)
I like her designs especially the mermaid topped cupcakes and the cute baby sleeping on his belly covered by a leaf. I wanted to order an assortment of these cupcakes right away after seeing her Facebook page. It just brought out the kid in me. We didn't have these sweet and intricately designed cupcakes when I was younger. Kids nowadays are luckier for these colorful treats, good for them :)

Anyway, Ms. Liza brought some chocolate cupcakes for a birthday party the other day. She also gave me a box of chocolate cupcakes and one small box with a beautifully made lavender blossom on top. That was really nice. Thanks, Liza. Apparently, it was a sample for a wedding cupcake souvenir she was preparing this July. Her calendar is full you have to order at least a month in advance. And so I’m glad I got a sample of her cupcakes.

The chocolate cupcake was topped with thick chocolate swirl that was not too sweet. Though, I’m not  a chocoholic, I liked the generous choco filling that oozed out like sinful, dark liquid that dribbled in your mouth. Yes, sinful but not too sweet too. The cake itself was compact and didn't break out into clumps. It could also hold its own chocolate flavor without the icing on top and was a good base for the delightful chocolate filling.

Meanwhile, the dainty lavender flower topped cupcake was a visual treat. Made with gum paste, you can see the tireless effort that went into it. The petals were patiently and creatively crafted that it almost resembled a real flower. It was almost a shame to take it apart. But after taking pics for this blog post, I regretfully tore off a piece of a petal and tasted it.

Well, I can’t say if it tasted better than other gum paste creations because it was my first time to try gum paste. Take note, this was not like the icing flowers on cakes which has a thicker, harder surface. This one was softer, more pliable. But I liked that it wasn't too sweet unlike one cupcake I tasted once doused in thick sweet icing that would render you catatonic. This one had the right amount of sweetness and looked better too :)

Given that, I look forward to sampling more of Ms. Liza's cupcake creations, maybe finally trying out her red velvet or carrot cake variants. Maybe, I’ll order an assortment with different toppings in pastel and bold colors too.

Because her cupcakes are not only a visual treat that can stir up happy memories of childhood or make you look in awe at the subtle intricacies of her designs but hers are also a gustatory treat with its thoughtful combination of ingredients that doesn't go crazy on the sugar. A right balance is struck, making it a welcome and anticipated treat to any birthday party or celebration.

(from their Facebook page)

For more information or to see more pictures of her baked creations, check out her Facebook page ,

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