Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Outback Restaurant: Also a Family-friendly Steakhouse

I have been to Outback before with my husband. We didn't have a kid back then when we tried out their Alabang branch. But the memory of their fluffly garlic mashed potatoes always come to mind when I think about this place.

This time we went to their Glorietta branch with my son in tow. He loved the expansive windows overlooking the passing cars outside. I loved it too. Then we ordered lunch.

I ordered their Steak and Shrimp combination and had the 6 oz. steak cooked medium well. When it arrived and tasted it, I noticed that the flavor of the meat didn't reflect being soaked in strong marinade or dry rubbed with too many spices. The flavor just came out naturally maybe because fewer condiments were involved on grilling it. I like that, just good old fashioned steak.

The grilled shrimps that came with the steak were also seasoned and grilled well. It was still plump and yes, no orange shells to wrestle with. And their mashed potatoes, one of my favorites, was still soft and lightly flavored with garlic. It was a satisfying combination to my nicely grilled steak. 

Meanwhile, my husband had the Baby Back Ribs with mashed potatoes siding. But he was a little full before it was served. He had their thick and filling clam chowder soap earlier (by the way, he loved the soup) so he asked me to take some of his barbecued ribs.  I happily obliged.

And wow, I didn't expect the barbecue sauce of the ribs would be so engaging. It had this smoky and luscious flavor that I ended up getting more than what he expected me to get. Suddenly, a few juicy ribs wasn't enough. It also didn't help that the meat was quite tender making it hard for me to restrain myself from hastily picking it off the bone beckoned especially by its rich, succulent sauce. I had more than half of it. Yes, even after I finished my steak. I think I also had a pinch of my husband's mashed potatoes too.

Next time, I'll order this barbecued ribs all for myself J

But more than these succulent ribs, one thing I also liked about Outback was the accommodation they did for my son who has autism. They turned off their piped-in music when I requested it because my son who has sensory issues was getting antsy about it. Maybe we were lucky because  it was about just before 11 am and there were fewer patrons that time. But still it was the staff’s kind consideration for people with special needs that made our dining there more comfortable.J

I don’t go to steakhouses much only on certain occasions but if I have to go back to one again, this will be one of the steakhouses I'd like to go back to again. Because aside from being considerate, it's also a place where authentic steaks are served not pseudo-steaks drenched in gravy but strip steaks grilled the right way and served with a generous helping of flavorful side dishes. 

And though it may not have the more refined fine dining ambiance of other steakhouses, its food and its quality of service more than compensates for that. It is also a good place for family dining serving dishes that are enjoyable and satisfying to both kids and adults. So who wouldn't like that? Me I’m more than okay with it. J

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