Wednesday, November 20, 2013

EmpanadaMΆS: A filling and savory take on empanadas

I’ve always wanted to write about this small empanada stall in Pergola mall in BF Homes Parañaque. But somehow, I always didn't have enough empanadas left to take pictures of. Or rather, it’s almost always gone before I can get my camera.

And this time after my son had a haircut on the mall’s upper level, I didn’t waste time taking pictures of their stall and a small batch I bought. I was quite excited because finally here’s my chance to write about my favorite empanadas in town. Yes, I had enough self-control this time to finally take some pictures first before they disappear before my eyes again.

But where do I start? Do I start on my favorite one? Or the other flavors first.

Okay, I’ll start with the other flavors first.

EmpanadaMΆS has an assortment of flavors which includes the regular chicken and pork flavors.

Their chicken empanada contains minced chicken with tiny raisins and finely chopped potatoes inside this soft, tasty crust. I like their crust, it is soft yet strong enough to hold the fillings inside. To think that it is fried rather than baked. It is also not too thick and doesn't hinder the flavors of the filling from coming through.

EmpanadaMΆS also has this pork empanada that reminded me of minced Vigan Longganisa but it’s not. I think it's just minced pork with a slight hint of sourness that removes any meaty aftertaste. Like the Vigan Longganisa which I adore, this one also engages you to take another bite.

Then they also have this chorizo empanada that has finely grounded chorizo inside. The orange-hued meat tastes like remnants of a delectable chorizo meal inside a small enclosed crust.

One of my favorites is their Ham, Cheese with Jalapeño filling. You can taste the melted cheese melding lusciously with bits of Jalapeño inside, the peppers providing a little zing in your mouth. Its intertwining flavors, the creaminess of the cheese and the hint of spiciness from the Jalapeño are flavors I don’t encounter often especially in empanadas that's why I like it.

I also like their Spinach with cream cheese empanada. One of my favorites too. Because who would have thought of an empanada with only spinach and a slight spread of cream cheese inside. But I like it. There is a refreshing crispness that goes with it. I guess it’s your empanada of choice if you’re a vegan or someone who'd like a healthier take on this kind of snack. It is as filling and for me just as satisfying as the other flavors.

And now for my most favorite, the cream cheese and chives variant, available only in these bite sized chunks. If I could order one flavor only among the whole lot, I would have this. Its small size belies its savory sour cream- like flavor. And I love sour cream, be it in popcorn or fries or sauces. So this really would be my runaway choice. Because after that one bite on its soft crust, the cream cheese and chive filling liberally oozes into your tongue, enveloping it with its savory flavor, leaving you wondering how can this puny bit of empanada make so much impact in your palate. And then you take another bite because you can’t wait to revel in that savory moment again.

Maybe that’s why this variant is available only in bite sizes, having a bigger size may overwhelm you especially if you’re not a fan of rich sauces. Because in its petite size, you can stop and savor its flavor for a moment before taking another one.

I’m happy, happy that finally I have made a post about this empanada stall before moving on with my other posts. I squeezed it in because I couldn’t not write about it. Exaggerated as it sounds. But that’s me, I couldn’t relegate something exciting I found for myself and not write about it. So I can’t wait to pass by Pergola and get my savory fix again, maybe I could finally use that new three-tiered dessert tray this Christmas and load it with some cream cheese and chive empanaditas or their sweet variants like their Peanut Butter Fudge J

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