Friday, November 22, 2013

Kitchen's Best Dessert Buffet: A New Dessert experience

I have never been to a dessert buffet before so when Kitchen’s Best invited me for their anniversary treat, I was eager to do so. Sampling an array of delectable sweets is something you don’t always do on a Friday afternoon. Besides, who can resist a dessert buffet? Because even if I don’t have a sweet tooth, I still love a good dessert J

Tucked between 3rd Avenue and 31st street in Bonifacio Global City, Kitchen’s Best seemed like an oasis in the bustling streets of BGC.  Unassuming at the outside the inside is quite different, you are greeted by high ceilings and walls painted in a muted hue of red and maroon and windows slightly covered by long red and caramel colored curtains. Bright chandeliers also lighten up the dining space made up of plush couches, white and intricately-designed wooden chairs and shiny marble tables.

Being led in after a velvet rope was loosened at the entrance, I was glad to see a long table clothed in maroon and velvet damask with trays of lavish dessert ready for the taking. Wow, what do I get first? I thought. There are desserts that even won awards in leading broadsheets. It would be hard to pick a favorite.

But it is not only the desserts that caught my eye, I also noticed how the set-up of the buffet table was a showstopper too like the buffet spread with its decorative candelabras with hanging crystal overlays and  ruby red roses mingling unobtrusively as accents. I like it.

There was quite a variety of pastries I have not seen before. The buffet spread was surrounded by a myriad of colors and textures, from savory to crunchy. This would have been dessert heaven for dessert fanatics. I feel bad I wasn’t able to sample all of them. But I have my favorites :)

I love their carrot cupcake, smaller than the usual cupcakes. It is topped with cream cheese piping with a smattering of tiny edible silver pearls around it, giving it a touch of whimsy. It is compact yet fluffy and tasty.

And I also like one of their bestsellers, the macadamia brittle cheesecake. It wasn't too sweet with the cream cheese or white chocolate coalescing nicely with its hint of macadamia flavor. Providing some crunch for it is a small shard of peanut or caramel brittle on top.

Though not offered regularly at the store and most often seen during their catering stints is their white chocolate truffles which I also liked. Biting into the first layer of its soft white chocolate rough surface, a surprise is revealed to you, this time layer of smooth and immaculate white chocolate ready to be savored. Definitely a sweet and satisfying finish at the end of any good meal, no wonder it is offered mostly during their catering jobs or during their anniversaries.

I also had a new dessert discovery like this Croquant, a coin sized nougat dessert with a touch of chocolate on top. What it may lack in outrageous color makes up for its combination of nougat and almost nutty flavor which also makes it a standout.

I also liked their Croquembouche or these cream puff balls piled together to form a cone-like shape. I looked this up on the net and read that this was sometimes used as an alternative wedding cake in France. And even though I had a hard time peeling one of  the cream puffs from their Croquembouche because the glazed sugar stuck to one another like glue, it was all worth it. Because underneath its glazed shell is an almost overflowing filling of luscious cream, something you don’t often see in cream puffs because sometimes others give you a dollop or a thimble but here, they are quite generous with it.

I also liked their green meringue tree. It was eye-catching. Too bad, I wasn't able to taste it because I was already full. Still, it was another visual treat.

Kitchen's Best also have some cakes and pastries that are lauded by lifestyle sections of leading broadsheets and food magazines. These are a must try too like the Ube and Mango sansrival, their Banana Toffee and their rich chocolate pastry called Obsession.

One of the desserts I quite liked and ordered it at their counter to bring home is their Almond Brittle. It is a similar to peanut brittle because both have nuts embedded inside crunchy and caramel colored sugary sheets. But Kitchen’s Best Almond Brittle has almonds in them instead of peanuts and its outside is coated in chocolate. Yes, chocolate. And this unusual combination of chocolate and crunchy sugar bits may be one that brought out my sweet tooth because after I got home, I almost finished the small pack I bought from there.

By the way, I love their dainty, damask designed gift pack where the almond brittle was enclosed in, ornate and elegant.

And aside from Almond Brittle, they also offer other sweets that you can give away this Christmas like their cookies.

Incidentally, Kitchen’s Best not only offers desserts but they also serve meals especially for lunch. One of the owners, Ms. Martina mentioned that their bestseller is the 40 clove chicken in olive oil. Just hearing about it makes me want to try it one of these days. And I also got hold of their Christmas takeaway menu and there are dishes are that seems to be noteworthy to be sampled too, like their Baked Salmon Florentine and their Beef Belly in Red Wine sauce…mmm.. maybe one of these days.

It was my first time to attend a dessert buffet. It was indeed a feast worthy of Marie Antoinette as the invite mentioned. and I’m fortunate I got to be a part of this anniversary treat because this kind of dessert buffet doesn't happen often. It was not only a delight to enjoy the sweet and savory treats but also revel at the ambiance it was set up in. Bright chandeliers in high ceilings amidst muted red and maroon walls and bedecked buffet table with candelabras and red roses. Thoughtful details to astound you, making you to think that if they took so much care creating this kind of experience for you, then they must have given that much care and attention to their food too. And with what I sampled in their dessert buffet, they have done just that J

You can check out their Facebook page to know more about their food and pastries.

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