Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Learning Center's (TLC) Choco Crowns, a unique and engaging take on chocolate

The Learning Center’s (TLC) TLC Gift Shop is offering their choco crowns this Christmas. It is a special gift you can give to loved ones this holiday season. This school for special kids has a special significance for me because it has been helping special kids since 1975. Located in Merville Parañaque, it is not only a school for people with special needs but it is also a livelihood center for adults with special needs as well, one that teaches vocational skills like making beadwork and baking. This TLC Gift Shoppe where the choco crowns are being sold is supported by a special grant given by the Australian embassy.

Being a mother of a child with autism, I am grateful for schools like TLC. They help us cope with the challenges of having a child with special needs. And though my son is not attending school there, only attended therapies, I wholeheartedly support their projects and their generous gestures of giving time and talent to children like mine.

So it is with great anticipation that I tried TLC’s choco crowns. Milk and white chocolates embedded with flavored polvoron on top which comes in different flavors, strawberry, lemon and orange.

It was my first time to try chocolates with embedded polvoron on top. And it was good and unique. The sweetness of the chocolate and the fruity flavors of the polvoron went well together. I was also amazed that it wasn't’t messy eating it, the case usually when eating polvoron. But here, the polvoron powder was compact enough because even if you bite into it, it didn't scatter around. So I admire the complexity of how it was made, I assume they let the chocolate set in a mold first then put the polvoron powder on top then cooled it in the ref. They must have set a specific amount of time to cool it so it would set well inside the chocolate. Bravo to the teachers and the students preparing this J

My favorite among the three flavors is the strawberry topped choco crown. I like the coalescing flavors of sweetness and tartness with the flavor of the dark chocolate. There is something about a strawberry and choco combo that’s quite appealing to your tastebuds.

I also like the lemon topped choco crown with white chocolate. Even if it is lemon-flavored, it’s not too sour and the creaminess of the white chocolate complements it.

Meanwhile, the orange-flavored choco crown has this tangerine flavor, another fruity combination with chocolate that leaves a  refreshing taste in your mouth, quite different and tasty too.

This chocolate and polvoron treat is something you don’t see in malls or other places. I’m glad I was able to try it. And I wouldn’t be surprised that this product is as good as the chocolate offering they had last year, their choco nibbles which I miss.

from TLC's Facebook page last year
Their choco nibbles, their chocolate offering last year came in two different flavors, nuggets of milk chocolate with bits of fruit and nuts inside and small chunks of white chocolate with bits of cookies inside like a small chunk of a cookies and cream bar. It wasn't too sweet and had the right amount of choco creaminess as well as texture with its bits of fruit and cookies. I admit it has become one of my favorite best chocolates. In fact, I like it better that many chocolates sold in malls. I almost finished one tin can in one sitting. Maybe next year though if it's available then I could order some. J I just had to write that TLC sure know how to make their chocolates.

One thing about these chocolate products of TLC's Gift Shop is that these are not always available all year round especially in big batches since these are specially prepared by students with special needs assisted by their teachers. Its preparation is usually done in a certain schedule with a specific order in mind because the teachers want the products prepared at their student’s pace and orders are cooked and packed by the students themselves not teachers doing it for them. But they accept orders especially during the holiday season or special orders for certain occasions. 

To end, maybe it’s the special hands that make them or the special chocolate recipe they have but TLC’s choco crowns like their choco nibbles is a gift everyone can appreciate, chocoholics or not. Chocolates that are only engaging to eat but inspiring too. It indeed is a special gift made my special people.

For more information about The Learning Center (TLC), The TLC Gift Shop and its TLC its goodies like their choco crowns, you can check out TLC's Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/tlcinc75

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