Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bon Chon's Salad and Fish taco: Healthy food options from a fastfood chain

I had been watching my diet lately and I realized how hard it is to find food that wouldn't consist of too much carbs, saturated fat and sweets when you’re dining out. I know you have to take everything in moderation especially in eating and that having small portions will do but still finding delectable food that is healthy too is like finding a needle in a haystack. So it was quite a surprise then that a fastfood chain like Bon Chon has a healthy food selection apart from their chicken combo. They have two types of fresh salad actually, their Caesar salad and the one with an oriental dressing. I also love their fish taco plus their chicken bulgogi

Their salads are fresh, crunchy not wilted nor it is too little.  In fact it can be said that it is almost brimming. The Caesar salad dressing is also a little different. The smooth paste is dotted with pepper-like particles, giving it a little spice, a tad different from other Caesar salad dressing and goes well with the crunchy greens.

The salad combines lettuce, julienned carrots and cubes of tofu. And if you order with it chicken strips, it adds more heft to it. But most of all I like that their salad always comes out fresh and their sauce is on the side unlike other restaurants where it is drenched on the salad sometimes rendering it too soggy to eat. Little things but it adds value to the meal.

I like the oriental dressing of their salad too, it gives it a little tang, a contrast to the veggies but I think one should avoid putting too much or it may turn salty. However, if you like more flavor to your greens then pour away.

Meanwhile, their fish taco is one of my favorites. It is composed of this soy garlic fish fillet wrapped in a soft torilla embedded with strips of cabbage spiced with a kimchi like flavor, a combination of sweet and spicy.

I like the crunch of the cabbage strips contrasted with the smoothness of the fish fillet once its flavored outer layer is removed and the kick that comes after tasting the seemingly sweet and also spicy sauce. I like the play of flavors and texture, it was well thought of, simple yet creative, something that makes me want to order it often.

Another favorite of mine though not quite on the league of their healthy food options is the Chicken Bulgogi, strips of breaded chicken drenched in soy garlic sauce with white onions on top of a bowl of steaming rice. I like that I don't have to deal with chicken bones and can dive right into my rice with these tasty chicken strips. No fuss just straight eating, an uncomplicated process that falls into my kind of meal.

Overall, it's easy to lump Bon Chon as one of the fastfoods around but I'm glad this one's different. Of course, I also like their fried chicken but what makes me go back there is their healthy meal options like their salads and fish taco and for an uncomplicated yet tasty meal, their Chicken Bulgogi.

It's quite a find to have an alternative, healthy meal that comes in a fastfood. So thanks, Bon Chon, thanks for the salads and the fish taco, it made my quest for healthy eating a little bit easier :)


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  2. Great post am in Bonchon now for a mtg wondering what healthy food option to take 👍