Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bastille Revolutionary Bistro: Grilled Salmon on a leisurely day

I miss writing about food. It had been a hectic couple of months and I’m still trying to slow down and catch my breath so it was a good thing, I was able to wander in a restaurant that made me appreciate good food and write again.
Bastille Bistro is one of the many restaurants in Santana Grove in the Sucat area. I had dined there before with my son and tried their take on  the embutido. I remember theirs was like a fusion of cordon bleu and the usual embutido. I liked their creative spin on it but since my son was bugging me about his dinosaur cartoons that time, I was not able to take pictures and write about it.

So finding my way back here again  after doing some errands one mid-afternoon was nice. It was a chance to recharge without my persistent little boy and have a leisurely meal. This time I ordered their Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce.

And I was not disappointed. With its vibrant colors, the Grilled Salmon looked appetizing. It was also cooked just right and had no charred bits nor it had a fishy aftertaste. The marinade on the salmon was also mild which I like and it complemented their soft lemon butter sauce well. The roasted vegetables were also tender and lightly seasoned plus I liked their mashed potatoes. It had the right texture, not too soft or crumbly and went well with the well-cooked salmon. The slice of lemon was also a nice touch if you want a hint of acidity to your salmon while the soft roasted garlic on top added a hint of flavor and garnish to the dish.

I like salmon a lot and being a fish imported abroad, ordering it in restaurants can be a hit or miss. I don’t know why maybe it’s in the storage or in the preparation. So when I sampled Bastille’s Grilled Salmon and it was cooked right, I was glad.

Finding time for oneself in these stressful times can be quite a feat. So dining in a restaurant that offers an array of dishes like Caldereta Pie or Beef Bourguignon with soothing piped in music can be a treat.

It was a treat for me that time because they were playing Boyce Avenue while I was enjoying my Grilled Salmon.J I adore this band a lot so this made the meal quite special too. Anyway, I was glad that I had this little bit of time-out. Having a good meal in a restaurant with a cool ambiance, relaxing music and a helpful staff takes the edge off living even for a while, giving you a bit of a boost so you can go out and take on life again J








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