Thursday, October 15, 2015

J Co’s Alcapone Donut: A donut to remember

There are various kinds of donut, many have colorful toppings, some have zany shapes and sizes while others  have its thick oozing filling. What is not to love about these delightful creations displayed in rows for your exciting selection. Yes, what is not to love right? But though there is an expansive choice for me, there is only one kind of donut that I’d like to order again and again if I have the chance and that’s the Alcapone donut of J Co.

And because I only write about what I really like unless I was invited to an event so I can’t this pass up. I had to write about it since I just ordered a small box of it, all Alcapone baby J And it’s all mine, haha J My hubby and kid like the glazed kind which is a little boring for me, sorry, so this box is mine.

So what can I say about this fascinating donut. Aside from its notoriously unique name, it is a combination of subtle flavor and textures. The donut itself is soft which I like and topped with a thin spread of white chocolate and crunchy small almond chips. No fanfare here, no fancy colors or outrageous toppings.

As you bite, you can feel the crunch of the finely chopped almonds and taste the mild white chocolate flavor. I like the combination of the texture of the almonds and the softness of the bread. I also like the subtle sweetness chocolate, not saccharine sweet, just right, blending well with the fine almonds.

I don't have a sweet tooth but this right here is my favorite donut. There comes nothing close to it in my book maybe one kind with a certain kind of filling but this one I’d like to order one box of, always. I like it because it seems to have more substance to it not just frills and mind blowing sweetness. But that’s just me.

That said, I feel sad eating my last Alcapone donut in the box.  It’s like seeing someone special off at the airport gates. You know you'll see each other again if you make an effort but for now, it’s alright just to miss each other for awhile. I guess, I’ll have to miss this Alcapone donut until I come across another J. Co outlet again. For now, I’ll have to enjoy the last morsel of its soft bread and last bit of almond chip in my mouth till we see each other again, can’t wait J


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