Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Papa John's Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza: One guilty pleasure

In our busy life sometimes we ease our stress by having some kind of guilty pleasure. Some have their massages, their chick flicks, their invigorating liquor, their chocolates or sweets but me aside from a bag of Cheetos with Jalapeno, Pringles in ranch dressing or a bite size piece of Mr. Goodbar chocolate or an occasional mojito, I think I have discovered another one for myself, Papa John’s Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza.

I’m not a big fan of pizza and the only one I quite liked before was the shawarma pizza from another pizza place so it was surprising that I found another one I would also like. Anyway,  I “discovered” this pizza by accident, someone gave me a small box of it for a birthday. At first glance, I didn’t take note of it, just an ordinary pizza with some white sauce drizzled on it. Not the usual red sauce pizza with toppings brimming at the top. Actually, it looked simple.

But I guess, simple appearances can be deceiving . And just one bite, I knew I liked it. The crust was warm and tender, not too thick nor too thin, just enough to hold the white shredded chicken meat and bits of bacon embedded on it. Drizzled on top of it was its coups de grĂ¢ce, its ranch sauce. It wasn’t too strong, just enough lather to blend well with the fine chicken meat and bacon bits. Maybe its understated layer of pressed fresh garlic, tomatoes and onion also contributed to its amazing flavor.

One tip of advice though when ordering it for delivery, make sure their ranch sauce is drizzled on top otherwise, the pizza loses its tasty appeal. Because it happened to me twice, one of their branches forgot the ranch dressing on top so I had it returned and they gave me back one with the dressing on top. 

So that is that. Another food discovery, another guilty pleasure I can indulge in when I feel stressed out.  A slice of this pizza and a can of ice cold Coke, regular not diet. Because if you have to indulge, indulge in it like you mean it J


  1. ugh yummmm i've heard they're having an unlimited pizza thingy. don't wanna miss it!!!

    Youtube: Reina Tsukada

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