Friday, July 24, 2015

Tea and muffins in Crimson Hotel's Lobby Lounge

I discovered these luscious strawberry muffins during my me time in the Lobby Lounge of Crimson Hotel in Alabang. I had it with my green tea and it was great. I’m not a fan of pastries especially muffins but these ones I liked. It wasn’t too thick yet it had enough strawberry flavor to carry it through. I can’t believe that I would like it a lot. Not too strong a flavor and not too thick or crumbly, just the way I like it. It had the right amount of finesse in flavor and scarlet colored panache to make it one of my favorite strawberry muffins… like I had any comparison for it at all J

It was a surprising treat for me since I have been swamped lately from driving my son to his new school everyday (30 minutes to an hour depending on the traffic) on top of having no assistant/yaya these past months. Having to deal with a child’s sensory issues while driving can be a little stressful. He hates traffic (who doesn't?! ) and having someone having a meltdown on the backseat is not exactly a leisurely drive.  So having some tea on a weekend and partaking these delectable muffins was a little respite which I appreciate a lot.

So I was glad to have another chance to visit Crimson’s Lobby Lounge again but this time I also ordered a piece of blueberry muffin with of course, my favorite strawberry muffin. The blueberry also tasted good but I like the strawberry one better. It was nice to have some Me time in a nice place like this with elegant interiors and quiet ambiance, far the harried life of most Moms like me, a little escape even just for a few minutes, a little time-off to recharge one's drained batteries so one can start afresh for the coming week. Every Mom deserves that I think J

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