Sunday, November 5, 2017

Breakfast at The Boutique Hotel Tagaytay

Back in August, we checked in at The Boutique hotel after our Tokyo trip was cancelled due to a typhoon.  It was just an overnight trip but it was memorable. Not only because it had a bathtub inside with a scenic view or you had options for  bath products like their handmade soaps but also because their iLust room was cozy and comfy. The furnishings were also tasteful and of course, I quite liked their breakfast.
We had our breakfast  delivered in our room at 7 a.m. and had it on the veranda overlooking Taal Lake. It looked sumptuous.  With a small tier of bread with butter and jam, fried rice and longganisa and a glass of orange juice, what’s not to love. All of this with a view. I just wish I had it reheated so I can see the butter melting on my croissant. But overall, it was a good breakfast.


Toasted, crisp longganisa, fried eggs, roasted potatoes and tomatoes, what a feast for the eyes. Adding to that was a small tier of croissants and other soft breads with marmalade and jam  then refreshing slices of mangoes and bananas for dessert. A hearty breakfast in the cool Tagaytay weather, I was glad.

Looking back now, maybe our canceled flight to Japan  was not that unfortunate after all (we went in September instead) because a local trip like this, one with nature sidelights had some invigorating elements that visits to cities cannot compare to. Of course, I also liked our Tokyo experience especially the food. But this trip in August was also special and something I would like to write about too.





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